Hotel Reviews Gone Wild

As an online shopper you should be skeptical of online product reviews. In most cases they are being used by big business to get free advertising. Hotel review sites are no different. However, there are some consumer great review websites that have valuable information on hotel that you may be interested in. Someone that has stayed at a hotel can give you a real good idea of what to expect from it. So where can you find valuable information and stay away from the advertising driven reviews? This is all explained in this useful article you are about to read.

What to look for in a good review:The best consumer reviews offer detailed product information on the product and with regard to hotels, a good product review should tell you why they liked or disliked the hotel. How was the service; room stafff, bartenders, casino hosts, check in and out? How does the hotel favor against other hotels in the area? What special services did they enjoy; comps, entertainment gaming? What was the overall experience like would they recommend going back? What is there to do near the hotel. Answers to these questions could give you a real incite on whether or not that hotel is worth going to.Also, some of the best product reviews will give you tips and tricks. Maybe the hotel you are staying at offers complimentary promotions, rewards, senior discounts, or discounted stays. All the best product reviews offer this kind of information, all of which is designed to get the best value for your money.Reviews to avoid:If a review says, “I loved your place! Keep it up!”, then keep looking. It is rather uninformative so these should probably be ignored altogether. Also, if you feel the review may be to good to be true keep it in mind but look around to see what others may be saying. Finally, consider the source, do some research on the person who wrote the review. Is he or she is affiliated in any way with the hotel or stand to profit if you stay there? If so, then move on.

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Benefits of Reading Hotel Reviews

When booking a hotel over the internet, the first and the foremost thing that can help you making a decision on selecting the right hotel for your stay is reading the hotel review. These reviews are written by travellers who have already stayed in the particular hotel and share the experience of their stay.Naturally, if the hotel is good with good service, room and facilities everyone would like to appreciate it and share their happy moments. Reading the reviews will put you in a better place to decide for the right hotel for your stay.Guest reviews is the biggest selection criteria as it comes from the real people who have experienced it first hand. Reading guest reviews is a good thing as it gives an idea about the services and facilities of the hotel you are intending to stay. Guest reviews can give you a good idea about the services, staff, rooms, cleanliness, facilities, location or any incident faced by the visitor. This will enable you to make the right decision about selecting the hotel.

Online hotel booking websites now have a “Review” section. These sites include a comprehensive reviewing system, which takes into consideration various aspects like Cleanliness, Sleep Quality, Value for Money, Location, Rooms, Service. The reviewers also mention how they travelled like couple, family or group etc.This helps to understand the hotel and surroundings in a better way. If you are travelling with family then try to read reviews from people who travelled with family as they are more likely to review the hotel with respect to the facilities for the family and will give a better understanding if the hotel was family friendly. How their children liked the hotel and facilities and the type of service they received from the hotel.

If you are travelling in couple, where you would like some privacy and quiet moments with your partner, then reading reviews from couple travellers is a good idea as they are more likely to review the hotel with respect to facilities for couples like ambience, privacy and room ambience etc.Reading hotel reviews can be time-consuming as an average hotel may have around 40 to 60 reviews and reading each review can be tiresome but is worth the time and effort as the reviews come from people who have already stayed in the hotel and are in a very good position to describe the experience of their stay.

Online Hotel Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tourists and travelers want to enjoy their stay in a place where they can get maximum facilities, high-quality service and great hospitality. With the help of online websites one can easily gather information about any hotel anywhere in the world. People read online hotel reviews from hotels and travel websites and rely on them. They choose a hotel on the basis of online hotel reviews. However, sometimes online reviews help potential tourists and sometimes they mislead potential visitors. There are various advantages and disadvantages of online hotel reviews.Advantages of online hotel reviews:1. They are great help for those tourists and travelers who search for a hotel of their choice but get confused due to large number of hotels present in a particular place. One can easily read feedback about a particular hotel written by visitors.

2. By reading them, one can get information about hotel infrastructure, rooms condition, location, business facilities, recreational facilities, leisure facilities, services, rentals, best see sights, hospitality etc.3. They also help in gathering information about behavior of staff members of a particular hotel. Many people used to write feedback about staff members’ behavior and hospitality they offer to customers. One can easily get information about staff members by reading online reviews.4. One can easily plan his visit reading reliable reviews. Some reviewers suggest best time to visit a place. It is very helpful as it decrease chances of meeting bad weather.5. One can cancel his plan of staying in a particular hotel if he will find negative reviews written on reliable hotels and travel websites. It is advisable to read online reviews carefully before going for online booking.Disadvantages of online hotel reviews:1. Now hotels and travel companies are hiring professionals to write fake online reviews to allure more and more customers. They are using unethical tactics to increase their business.

2. Professionals used to pose themselves as satisfied customers who had visited a particular hotel in the past. They write positive reviews about that hotel. They write good comments on facilities, services, hospitality, hotel location etc. They give full ratings to that hotel and advice others to visit it.3. The images loaded by the reviewers in online reviews section are sometimes fake. They mislead potential visitors.4. There are also cases when frustrated customers write negative reviews about a hotel without a single reason. It gives bad impact on other potential tourists and travelers.

Hotel Reviews Online – How To Make Sense of Them

Online hotel reviews can be valuable resources when searching for a good vacation experience. It’s natural to want to check out which hotel or other lodging experience may be right for you and/or your group. It’s also natural to go straight to the internet to do your checking.There are several things to keep in mind when viewing online hotel reviews.You should definitely check out more than one source. Don’t rely solely on the review section of the hotel’s own website. Of course you should visit that page, to get a feel for some of the positive features of the hotel, but you will never find any of the negatives (if there are any) about the hotel on their own site.That’s why other online hotel review sites exist. They are not controlled by the hotel, and you can generally get a more well-rounded impression of how most guests feel about the hotel.If you Google the name of the hotel, you will surely be presented with some of the review sites. The most obvious one should be the Google Places site. That should be near the top of the Google results page, with a small “pushpin” icon and some stars next to it. It may also say the number of Google reviews the hotel has. The more reviews, the more reliable the information will generally be.

Click next to the stars, where it says “X number of Google reviews” and you will be taken directly to the hotel’s Google Places page, where you can read the reviews.Besides Google, here are some other hotel review sites. Make sure you check out a bunch of them use their search boxes to see if the hotel you are considering is listed with
travelpod.comAlso, don’t forget to check the local Chamber of Commerce site for the city the hotel is in.Here’s a tip: when searching in the search boxes, you may want to put the name of the hotel in quotes, such as “ABC Hotel” in order to keep the search results more accurate.More things to keep in mind when reading online hotel reviews:If a hotel has many four and five-star reviews, and one one-star review, it may be because some goofball or disgruntled employee or competitor has a chip on their shoulder. Don’t let one bad review spoil what might be a great choice for you. (By the way, be aware that it is probably illegal, and certainly a violation of internet policies, for a competitor to trash an establishment just because they are competing for business.)On the other hand, if there are many reviews and the majority them are negative, that is a serious red flag.As illegitimate as it is for a competitor to write a fake review, it is also at least equally illegitimate for a company to write fake reviews, or have someone else write fake reviews for them. This is a totally frowned upon action, and is not generally done, although it happens. That is why you should check more then one source of reviews. Don’t rely solely on the Google reviews (although you should certainly check them.) Make sure you check out other online hotel review sites, as well.

If you do find bad reviews, check to see if the owner or some other representative of the hotel has taken the time and effort to respond to them. The owner of the hotel can respond to reviews if s/he has an account with the review site. If the owner responds in a courteous and thoughtful way, you may get a feel for how they run their business. If they are brusque, and simply deny the accusations without acknowledging that they may have actually ever make mistakes – watch out!Although the number of reviews can be a good indication the quality of the hotel, keep in mind that a small lodge or inn gets fewer guests then a gigantic hotel chain, and therefore will logically get fewer reviews.If you have an experience with a hotel, which you would like to write about, you can get a free account with all of the above sites. Then you can log in and leave your own review.